The story of Delices Café


There’s no quality without tradition

Delices Café Bakery is a product of passion and tradition. The story began under the sun of the South of France, where Bruno Rolland, a talented artisan baker, and his wife Sylviane ran 3 successful boulangeries (French bakeries), staples in typical French neighborhoods. Not only for the occasional fresh loaf of bread (a.k.a: the baguette), a savory or sweet treat, their bakeries served as an important part of their neighborhood’s daily routine, providing delicious artisanal goods and high-quality services to the entire community.

Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness.
Auguste Escoffier

There’s no tradition without satisfaction

As a baker, pastry chef, and chocolatier trained in the art of French cooking and with over 30 years of experience, Bruno and his wife have put smiles on the faces of countless customers who have become regulars and satisfied the most exigent orders for special events. Having moved their success to Miami Beach along with their expertise, creativity and know-how, this couple and their team of locals offer customers the best gourmet experience, whether “on the go” to work or the beach, or for a celebration to remember!